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sabato 17 dicembre 2016


In a few months my brother will get married, and I’m already searching an elegant dress, of good fabric but still not too expensive. While browsing the web I found this wonderful site:

Petite Maxi Dresses : 7250 dresses in different models, colors and styles. Dresses created to enhance us women’s beauty. I tried really carefully to find a model which fits right to me but at the same time exalts my curves, making me elegant but at the same time sensual. I fell in love with this three dresses Red dress one-shoulder with a beautiful drapery, curves-exalting and goes down smoothly covering the hips.

Evening sleeveless dress, with an eyelet neckline, really contemporary color.

Night blue dress: sleeveless, romantic, with crossing drapery on the back.

Taking care of our apparel is important to exalt our beauty, we have to find the right models which promote our body, covering our little flaws. StyleWe is my advice for your purchases, contemporary models and fabrics - quality and convenience. It’s close to us women through their blog StyleWe and their Youtube StyleWe channel for everyday’s trends.

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